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Looking for songs by Kappei Yamaguchi

Hi! I'm looking for these songs by Kappei Yamaguchi for a while, and I just can't seem to find them. Any help would be much appreciated. Here are the songs:

1. Kurenai no Rondo sung w/Daisuke Ono (Neo Angelique ~ Romantic Gift)
2. Urei no Shiro (Neo Angelique ~My First Lady~)
3. I Pray ~Kaze ni Nosete~ (Neo Angelique Abyss Character Songs)
4. Max Wind (Eyeshield 21)

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Podcast question

I wonder,has Kappei-sama had any involvement in any seiyuu-related podcasts?

Switching gears,this is relatively old business,but back in October he and Yumiko Kobayashi were co-guests on a regular radio show co-hosted by Romi Paku and Tomokazu Seki.If anyone is interested,there's some pics you can find by clicking that link...

Gomen nasai if I bring up "girly seiyuu" more than I should even though I maintain this forum.Besides Kappei-sama,I'm primarily a josei_seiyuu fan;and being a guy,I'm not usually inclined to follow BL unless by fluke there was some work casting Kappei as the seme and an otokoyaku as the uke...
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Interesting thought here...

First,happy 37th birthday to Junko Takeuchi.Anyway,on the subject,as Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star(including the loosely associated Purikyua Allstars DX)is the only time that she and Kappei-sama have ever worked together in the same voice project,this raises an interesting question.Would either Gon Freecss or Naruto Uzumaki cry "miminga" if either met Inuyasha in some crossover situation as it happened in the picture below?

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